How to Create HVAC Ads: 30 Best Ads Examples & Templates

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As much as you invest in the business to grow, you will need a little more investment to advertise the brand. Most HVAC businesses also focus on making new customers, but not on getting the desired leads. You might get leads in various ways, but not in the way with advertisements. 

By using some effective marketing strategies, your brand will gain recognition, more leads will turn into customers, and you can outrun other competitors. HVAC businesses are growing left and right and might increase by 15% over the next couple of years. So, it is high time to dedicate time and money to creating and presenting creative HVAC ads to attract more target customers.

How to Make a Creative HVAC Ad

To build a brand new creative HVAC ad from scratch, you need to do a lot. It involves a whole set of planning, creating, and running HVAC ads. Here’s a breakdown of how to create a perfect HVAC ad:

  1. Before getting on with the creative work, we need to figure out who is the audience. Understand their demographics, pain points, and preferences. Are you targeting homeowners, businesses, or both? By knowing the audience, you can decide on the ad’s messaging and imagery.
  2. Now you can focus on the ad copies. Write concise, attention-grabbing copy that highlights the benefits of your HVAC services. Focus on solving problems or meeting needs your audience may have, such as energy efficiency, indoor air quality, or cost savings.
  3. Simply some color words aren’t enough. Use high-quality visuals that showcase your HVAC systems, satisfied customers, or before-and-after shots of installations or repairs. Incorporate images or videos that evoke comfort, cleanliness, and reliability.
  4. Craft a headline rich in HVAC keywords to boost visibility in search engine results, ensuring specificity to the services you provide, like repairs or emergency assistance.
  5. Emphasize emotional, logical, or credible appeals in the ad description, resonating with audiences by addressing their comfort needs or highlighting trust-building factors like 24-hour services.
  6. Since you will be marketing your brand, find a special feature to present to the audience. Highlight what sets your HVAC services apart from competitors. Whether it’s same-day service, eco-friendly options, or exceptional customer service, make sure your USP stands out in your ad.
  7. Include a clear and compelling call to action that prompts viewers to take the next step, such as “Call Now for a Free Quote,” “Schedule Your HVAC Checkup Today,” or “Click to Learn More.”
  8. Now find out where you can make the most sales. Choose the platforms where your target audience spends the most time. Consider using a combination of social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), Google Ads, and local directories like Yelp or Angie’s List.
  9. After airing your fresh new HVAC ad, try to brush up on the same ad from time to time. Infuse creativity into your ads, including promotions or seasonal mentions like Summer and Winter HVAC offers, to enhance click-through rates and conversions.
  10. Utilize dedicated HVAC landing pages to ensure a seamless transition from ad click to lead conversion, aligning all advertising efforts to maximize effectiveness and stay competitive in the market.

So after you are done with the ad and running it successfully, monitor the ad performance. Experiment with different ad elements, such as copy, visuals, and targeting parameters, to determine what resonates best with your audience. You can use analytics tools provided by advertising platforms to track the performance of your HVAC ads. 

Monitor metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition to gauge the effectiveness and make adjustments as needed. In addition, focus greatly on SEO, and incorporate relevant keywords and location-based phrases in your ad copy to improve visibility in local search results.

HVAC Ads That Work the Best

HVAC ads can come in many forms. But you need to choose the types that would reach your desired target. Find out the best types of ads that can bring success, and try creating such ads for your brand. Remember, don’t stick to only one type. 

1. Direct Mail:

Direct mail remains a classic and effective method for HVAC marketing. It’s straightforward, providing a tangible connection with your audience. By keeping your message concise and including eye-catching graphics, you can maximize its impact.

2. HVAC Service Advertising Slogans:

Crafting memorable advertising slogans helps solidify brand recognition and association with your services. A catchy slogan can stick in people’s minds, making your company more memorable and increasing the likelihood of customer recall.

3. Funny Service Ads:

Injecting humor into your advertising campaigns humanizes your brand and fosters a deeper connection with your audience. People are more likely to engage with and share content that brings a smile to their faces.

4. Customer Testimonials:

Harness the power of customer testimonials to make the best HVAC ads. This builds trust and credibility for your HVAC business. Positive reviews and testimonials reassure potential clients of your expertise and reliability, encouraging them to choose your services over competitors.

5. Videos in HVAC Ads:

Videos provide visual demonstrations, enhancing understanding and retention of your services while effectively conveying your brand message.

6. Email Marketing:

Email marketing remains a reliable tool for reaching and engaging with your audience. It offers flexibility, allowing you to deliver tailored content directly to subscribers’ inboxes, keeping your brand top-of-mind and driving conversions.

7. SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing offers a direct and immediate way to connect with your audience. Text messages ensure your marketing message is seen promptly, enabling timely communication and engagement with potential customers.

8. Contest Ads:

Running contests as part of your advertising strategy boosts engagement and generates leads. Contests foster a sense of excitement and increase brand awareness, by having more customer interaction.

HVAC Facebook Ads

Let’s check out a few of the best HVAC Facebook ads this year that were successful.

Speedy Air Conditioning Service:

Utilizing a catchy image of a dog lounging in sunglasses on a beach chair, this ad promotes an exclusive rebate deal. The playful graphic captures attention and associates the company with a relaxed, summery vibe while highlighting the enticing offer of 0% financing.

Moore Heating & Air Conditioning:

Featuring a simple yet powerful image of a baby crawling on the floor, this ad emphasizes the importance of reliable heating and air conditioning for families. The image evokes a sense of care and protection, reinforced by the ad’s message, resonating with viewers emotionally.

Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Propane:

This one focuses on summer savings and effectively highlights a seasonal sale with clear, bold text. The prominent mention of a starting price incentivizes viewers to take action, enticing them with affordable options for HVAC services during the summer months.

McAllister Service – Heating & Air Conditioning:

Breaking the mold with a thought-provoking image of a woman alongside a question about home comfort, this ad prompts viewers to reconsider their HVAC needs. By sparking curiosity and introspection, it engages audiences differently, setting the company apart from traditional HVAC advertisements.

HVAC Google Ads

Some Google ads make it to the top. Here are some of those great ones that the customers clicked on one look.

The Heating Specialist:

This HVAC ad shares important details like how long they’ve been around and that they offer free consultations. They make it easy for potential customers to reach out by putting their contact numbers right at the top.

Joe Hurley Heating & Cooling:

This ad in New Jersey tells you right away that you can save $20 on your next air conditioning repair. They also offer links to coupons for more savings.

Dukes Heating & Air Conditioning:

The one from California wants you to know they’re experienced and reliable. They mention their licensed contractors and certifications, making them a trustworthy choice for HVAC repairs.

Trusted Plumbing & Heating:

Another great HVAC ad that gives you important info like where they are and when they’re open. They also offer free estimates and financing options, making it easier for customers to choose them.

Funny HVAC Ads

Dads in Briefs

This ad is humorous because it taps into the universally recognized image of dads embracing the laid-back vibe of summer in their briefs, which many viewers can relate to and find funny. To keep them covered, air conditioning is a must!

Hulk Hogan 

The absurdity of this ad, coupled with its mysterious nature, makes it funny as viewers are left both confused and intrigued by the unexpected combination of Hulk Hogan and an unknown element to keep people heating and cooling.

Don’t Fight Yourself

This ad’s humor lies in its recognition of a common struggle—difficulties with thermostat adjustments—offering a humorous solution that resonates with those who have experienced similar frustrations.

Dog Days

The ad effectively uses humor by juxtaposing the playful antics of dogs with the relief and comfort provided by air conditioning, creating an amusing contrast that highlights the benefits of the product.

Seasonal HVAC Ads

Strong marketing for every season is usually a necessity and effective. Especially for the summer and winter, companies need to use creative methods to present services in their ads to meet high demands. Here are some top HVAC seasonal ads that worked. 

A. Summer HVAC Ads

Beat the Heat

This ad uses a figure of speech on a postcard headline to catch the audience’s eyes. The brand communicates with the customers to have an air cooling service for the extreme heat in the summer in a short but memorable phrase.

Your Wife is Hot!

The best way to get attention is this phrase to the married men! Every man will love it and get an air conditioning service right away to get maximum comfort in the summer.

AC Repair Orlando

Although the service is available every day, the catchphrase in the ad can easily catch our eye. Then the customers will read the services available in this company like emergency calls, or same-day service. 

B. Fall HVAC Ads

Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

Sometimes the ad doesn’t need to offer a service. This simple ad is colorful and just a friendly reminder of the new season coming, making the audience start preparing or welcoming it. 

Fall HVAC Tips

Another type of ad that works is informative content that provides free tips. The company owner offers some helpful ways to stay comfortable in the fall, and can also add a line or two about their fall services.

Tune-up Time

Another catchy phrase that the company uses in this ad is to let the customers know what kind of HVAC services they can get this fall and what they would need.

C. Winter HVAC Ads

Don’t Get Stuck in the Cold

Simple but catchy, and undoubtedly the line to use in the winter. Some ads work successfully since they use clear and simple words that the customers can understand right away and pay attention to the ad more. 


Customers love this straightforward message postcard that offers the right service for the extreme winter. This company offers heating services addressing immediate concerns and driving leads during peak demand.

Winter is On Its Way

A gentle reminder to the audience to get buckled up for the cold. This ad shows that the company cares and understands customers’ needs, and has the right service to provide comfort in the coming winter. 

D. Spring HVAC Ads

Welcome Spring Savings: $500 Off

An ad with an offer! The perfect thing to present as spring approaches. Customers love discounts, and when they get this offer for spring services, they will undoubtedly get engaged with the brand.

First Call Heating’s Spring Deal

This is a great one with a catchy computer-generated image of a girl with a popsicle and a cute dog, aligning with the spring theme. The metaphorical copy cleverly compares the spring offer to a popsicle, fitting for the warm season. Additionally, it delivered the message very quickly in a video.

Dipple Plumbing: Spring Maintenance Campaign

A smart ad that targets animal lovers with cute pet images and interesting phrases. They promise to offer necessary maintenance services for the spring and also a generous donation for the animal shelter appeals.

HVAC Maintenance Service Ads

Let’s check out some of the top HVAC maintenance service ads across various platforms.

AC Not Cooling? 1 Year Warranty

This is a simple Google Banner Ad that customers can find as they visit websites or social media. So, by creating an effective banner ad, the company can increase website visits, generate more leads, and beat competitors to offer the service first.

Furnace Repairs- BGE Home

This is a short but catchy Google Service ad, focusing only on the main feature of their service-emergency and same-day service. 

Our AC Service Helps Customers Keep Their Cool

This is a creative and funny ad on Facebook about an AC maintenance service that uses only a few lines to sell its service and also adds some catchy words to entertain the customers. 

HVAC Local Services Ads

Here we have some of the important types of HVAC ads for a community, and ideas to generate local marketing plans for the target customers. 


This is an HVAC service company ad that shows a snapshot of the services, details, and the areas served. The customers can have a quick peek at this ad and find all the necessary information to book a call in no time. 

WM Buffington CO.

Apart from the service details and areas available, this one also has Google ratings, and the badge Google Guaranteed which can gain the customers’ trust that the service will be of high quality. 

Comfort Air

This ad has various links to click on the desired services, and also a separate link to the homepage. Customers can learn about the company and services, and also get them in a single click.

A Foolproof HVAC Ads Template

To make things simple and formulaic, we can form a common template for HVAC ads, regardless of the type and platform. Simply change the wording and arrangements.

  1. Brainstorm creative ideas that resonate with your audience.
  2. Proper images or videos (for video ads).
  3. Add a headline on top that expresses the purpose.
  4. Use attractive words and phrases to create hooks. 
  5. Explain the services in short sentences.
  6. Add two or three CTAs.
  7. Add links to websites or social media for quick visits. 
  8. Tailor your messaging to address their pain points and values.
  9. Use engaging visuals and compelling copy to capture attention.
  10. Ensure transparency and authenticity in your messaging.
  11. Continuously evaluate and refine your ad strategies for optimal results.

What we’ve Learnt

So to conclude, crafting effective HVAC ads necessitates a strategic mix of creativity, empathy, and clear communication. As HVAC advertising specialists, we understand the importance of engaging your audience and resonating with them. Follow our expert guidelines to create standout ads that drive meaningful engagement and success in your market.

Our experienced marketing experts have been working for years in creating HVAC ads across various platforms. We can help you create ads that will succeed as per your requirements and customer needs, and be tailored according to your business goals. Contact us today to start crafting impactful ads that drive results for your business.

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