Email Marketing Consultations for Higher ROI

Businesses don’t always know what kind of Email Marketing Campaigns or tools to use to achieve their goals and targets. We make sure you have the right strategy to scale your business! 

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Hit The Right Notes With Email Marketing Consultancy

Whether you’re just getting started with Email Marketing efforts, want to grow your audience, increase sales or maximize your ROI, an Email Marketing Consultant can do wonders for you or your business. With the right approach, Email Marketing can bring you serious results!

Complete Guidance For Email Marketing

From the start till the end, our marketing consultant will guide your team through the process, making sure your Email Marketing efforts shine the brightest!

Personalized Email Marketing Strategy

Businesses have different goals and visions. We like to understand your goals and needs, creating a personalized Email Marketing Strategy that works for your business and your clients.

Creating An Audience Strategy

Our Consultant works closely with your Email Marketing Team and suggests an appropriate strategy to segment your audience, allowing more targeted Email Marketing efforts!

Creating A Communication Strategy

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Suggesting The Right Email Marketing Tool

Email Marketing Platforms each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Based on your needs, we will suggest the right Email Marketing Software that can bring you results!

Tracking and Analyzing Campaign Results

We will help your team master the art of tracking Email Marketing Campaign data, and generating insightful reports from it. This greatly improves your ROI on Email Marketing!

Here’s Why You Need A Consultant

Email Marketing Consultants here at Marketorr are equipped with years of knowledge and experience with Email Marketing efforts for both individuals and businesses from across the world and operating in multidimensional industries. Whether you want more audience, warm leads, increase user experience, promote your brand or just want more sales, our Consultants can set you up for success! 

Higher ROI

Maximize the ROI on your Email Marketing efforts, through excellent guidance and support from our Email Marketing Consultant.

Targeted Reach

Our Email Marketing Consultants helps you reach your desired audience, creating strategies for laser-targeted reach!

Access To Resources

Our Experts have access to a dynamic range of resources like Email Marketing Tools, Templates and Data. This can greatly reduce your costs and maximize the results!

Fresh Perspective

Our Experts here at Marketorr bring a fresh perspective to your Marketing campaigns, helping identify new opportunities and strategies to reach your goals!

Time Saving

Save a lot of time by hiring an Email Marketing Consultant, who knows his way around the sphere!

Cost Efficiency

Our Experts will cut costs for you by helping you focus your efforts on Effective Email Marketing strategies and implementation, while cutting out any inefficient investments.


Scale your business effortlessly with highly efficient Email Marketing efforts that bring in more sales, recognition and traffic to your business.

Peace of Mind

Just sit back and relax, while our Experts take charge and bring your Email Marketing efforts to Perfection!

Here’s How We Can Help


Email Marketing is a very powerful marketing tool when used properly. We make sure our Consulting Experts work closely with you to help you channel the true power of Email Marketing. Over the last decade, we have helped hundreds of businesses and individuals achieve their goals – increasing sales, growing their business, helping them form meaningful and strong relationships with their clients and so on.

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Our Workflow

Onboarding with us is easy! Simply book us for a free 30 minute Consultation and we can discuss the essentials there! Here’s a few general steps that we follow, however they may vary based on the nature of work.  

Online Discovery Meeting/Client Brief
Formulate Strategy to Achieve Client Goals
Work Closely & Monitor Email Campaigns
Ongoing Optimizations
Overall Supervision Over The Process
Suggest Improvements

Why Choose Marketorr?

Here at Marketorr, we are obsessed with delivering the best service to our clients. While we personally thrive to set industry benchmarks, we like to deliver results and bring smiles to the faces of our clients. We are professionals with passion, integrity and a thirst for excellence! 

24x7 Support

We have a 24/7 help desk that offers support to our clients across the week, any given time of the day!

Highly Skilled Experts

Our pool of talents comprise of greatly skilled experts who have years of experience and working knowledge!

Quality Assured

We put all our eggs in the Quality basket, and leave nothing to chance when it comes to assuring quality services!

Personalized Services

We don’t mind shifting the dynamics of our service and personalizing it to your needs, in order to offer you custom tailored services made especially for you!

Competitive Prices

We offer the most competitive prices in the industry, and you’ll find that an absolute delight!

Results Guaranteed

We have a long list of clients who back us up when we say, “You’ll get what you paid for and more!”

Why Choose Us

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