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Be the talk of the town with Remarkable, Detail oriented Ecommerce Product Copywriting Service straight from Marketorr. 

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Single or Monthly Subscription

You can hire us on a project basis to write product copies for you or you can get on a monthly deal with us!

Our Clients

We help all Online, Retail & Wholesale Stores maximize their sales by setting up their products on display online!


Attract and Convert your buyers with clear, concise and alluring product descriptions that help you stand out in marketplaces.

Ecommerce Stores/Websites

5x your sales with extravagant product descriptions that not only solves your customer’s problems, but also demands action!

Affiliate Sites

We help affiliate sites generate greater revenue with highly entertaining, genuine, informative and unbiased product reviews!

Dropshipping Sites

Scale your drop shipping business with super accurate, engaging and SEO friendly content for your website! Sell like never before!

Here’s What We Focus On

We take time in understanding the type of audience and the product we are dealing with, producing high converting copies for your products! 

Excite The Senses

We create a memorable experience for your audience using language in a way that appeals to all five senses!

Descriptions That Sell

Enough with boring product descriptions! We write descriptions that are literally edible, selling your products like perfume!

Building Your Brand

Our copies are consistent in tone and delivery, making sure it is unique to your brand and sets you apart from your competitors!

Delicious CTAs

We make sure to place Calls to Action in just the right places, making sure all your effort turns to gold!

SEO Optimized

Not only do we provide awesome copies, but we also make sure the copies are highly SEO favorable and rankable!

Edge Over Competition

Extensive competitor research allows us to position your products in a way that gives you a clear edge over your competition!

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Who Writes For Us?

Who Will Write Your Conten

We have a team of highly proficient writers who have years of working knowledge in their fields, bringing you the best contents!

Here’s How You Get Started

We make client onboarding as easy as it can get. Here’s a few simple things we need from you to get started. We’ll take care of the rest! 

Introduce Us To Your Business/Products

Tell us about your products and how you want to portray them, and we’ll make sure they see the light that they deserve, shining through all obstacles!

Share Your Visions

Tell us about your business goals, your visions and your story, and we’ll make sure the product speaks for itself to your desired audience!

A Professional Industry Expert Writing

How We Approach Our Writing

Understand the client’s needs
Intensive Research
Serp Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Revise according to feedback & redeliver

Why Choose Our eCommerce Product Copywriting Service?

With over a decade’s experience in the field, we’ve acquired the expertise to come up with the most relevant, groundbreaking Web Copies that demand outright attention of your audience!

High Converting Copies

We offer high converting product copies that will change the scene of your game. Never look back!

High End Research

We pay great attention in our research, making sure your products sell themselves and allure new customers!

Understanding Public Demand

We are well apt in determining public demand and know exactly what your product descriptions need to shine through!

Quality Assurance

We have a long list of retaining clients who keep returning for our consistent quality, and the list is growing longer!

Highly Specialized Writers

We don’t make do with Jack-of-all-trades, only the Masters of their own domains delivering copies smooth as silk!

Result Driven Writing

We take pride in creating and distributing Ecommerce Copies that get you more traction & sales, and builds great business reputation!

Why Choose Us

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