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User Manuals That Anyone Can Understand

Easy To Understand The Manual For User

Our team of E-Book & User Manual writers are highly specialized in communicating fairly complex ideas in very simple words. Our ebooks and user manuals are always easy to understand, whether a technical audience or not. 

Custom Tailored ebook Writing Services

Let us personalize Ebooks and User Manuals that fit your communication goals and add value to your audience!

User Manuals

User Manuals

Get your customers up and running with our easy to digest user manuals!

Technical Documentations

Technical Documentations

Easy to follow technical documents so your customer can get the most of your products!

White Papers

White Papers

Showcase yourself as an industry expert with insightful, well-researched white papers!



Inspire & Educate your audience with our well written, engaging ebooks!

Course Materials

Course Materials

We help create the smoothest, most professional course materials for you!

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Highly enticing & persuasive brochures, flyers and more to attract new customers!

What Is Our Focus On?

Delivering highly engaging, reader-centric, clear & concise Ebooks & User Guides that really speaks to your audience!

Reader Friendly Content

We understand that the user needs everything in a nutshell and needs it straight! So we deliver simply, easy to understand content!

Reader Friendly Design

Our content is written keeping in mind a user friendly design that comes with clear headings & subheadings, text breaks and tables.

Style & Tone Consistency

We maintain a consistent style and tone across each content deeming it as a professional and polished content for your audience!

Practical & Actionable Guidance

By providing practical and actionable guidance to our audience, we try to solve their problems and initiate proper interactions with the product.

Easy Communication of Technical Concepts

Technical concepts can be tricky to understand. Our writers use plain language and avoid jargon to communicate the concepts effectively.

Incorporating Interactive Element/s

We create highly engaging user manuals and ebooks by including interactive exercises, quizzes & infographics in the content!

Disability Friendly Content

We use high contrast text with clear spacing & large fonts in addition to transcripts for our audio and video content to make it more accessible for all.

Seamless Workflow

Our workflow is set at optimum efficiency, allowing us to create high quality content and deliver it right on time, and on budget!

Ready for Amazing Ebooks & Manuals?

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What You Can Expect

You can only expect the best user journey with our ebooks and user manuals, packed with vision and purpose!

User Friendly Design

Easy to navigate and super user-friendly, our contents are designed to make the user journey easier!

Digital Format

Available in digital format, the ebooks or user manuals are easily accessible on a wide range of devices remotely.

Creative Visuals

We wrap up the content with tightly packed infographics, illustrations and other interactive visuals!

Expert Writing

With deep knowledge into their fields, our experts write easy to follow, clear and concise contents for your audience!

Style Guides

Our writers follow your style guides to make sure your brand identity remains consistent across the contents!

SEO Optimized Content

We are able to help you rank higher on SERPs as we target relevant keywords in your ebook and user manual copies.

Why Would You Need A Professional?

Whether you want to raise your brand awareness, attract new customers or position yourself as an industry leader, our professional writers can help you achieve your goals!

Improved Sales

Well written and attractive ebooks greatly showcase your products and increase their chances to sell!

Satisfied Customers

Our experts provide clear and concise reader manuals that nurtures customer loyalty for your brand.

Custom Tailored Contents

With highly accurate and updated content, our ebooks are tailored specifically to meet your audience’s needs!

A Professional Industry Expert Writing

Our Writing Approach

Tailored tone, style, and structure. E-books that reflect your brand’s voice perfectly.

Understand the Client’s Needs
Extensive Research
Structure Design
Incorporate Visuals
Optimize Design
Deliver First Draft
Revise According to Feedback & Redeliver

Why Hire Marketorr?

Marketorr is your best bet when it comes to high converting, well written User Manuals and E-books!

Industry Expertise

Our Industry Expert Writers bring you the most accurate, updated and informative contents in your niche!

Personalized Content

Each of our manuals are custom tailored to help meet your business needs, and that of your audience!

Quality Assured

Every inch of each page is carefully curated and proofread to ensure premium error free contents!

High Quality Visuals

We complement text with highly engaging illustrations, infographics & visuals to convey messages that are easier to understand!

Reader Feedback & Iteration

We incorporate reader feedback and reiterate to make sure the content is meeting your audience’s needs!

Delivery On Time

We always keep our promises and deliver ahead of our deadline, leaving time for revisions and final polishes!

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