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Our Scriptwriters Bake the Most Compelling and Storydriven Video Scripts that work charms to Connect with your Desired Audience! Whether it’s for OVCs, Vlogs, Tutorial Videos, Youtube, Product Demos or Brand Stories, we’ve got your back!

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Different Kinds of Video Scripts We Offer

Whether it’s for individuals or businesses, teachers or influencers, Marketorr writes a whole array of Video Scripts that satisfy the audience. Here’s a little glimpse of the Types of Video Scripts we can write for you.

Explainer Videos

Give it to your audience in a clear and concise way with elaborate Explainer Videos that highlight your products and services!

Promotional Videos

Showcase your brand stories and events, or promote a product or service with intricate Promotional Videos!

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos teaches your viewers how to do something and provides them with necessary skill and knowledge.

YouTube Videos

Promote your brand online and attract new customers with well scripted YouTube Videos!

Presentation Video Scripts

Deliver the right message effectively with highly engaging and informative Presentation Video Scripts!

Product Demo Videos

Help your customer decide with Product Demo Videos that illustrate the benefits and features of a product!

Brand Story Videos

Build up your brand from the scratch, or pump up your existing Brand with well scripted and professional Brand Story Videos.

Company Culture Videos

Represent your company’s culture across well planned Company Culture Videos that attracts premium clientele!

Testimonial Videos

Build trust and credibility among your potential audience with high end, curated Testimonial video scripts!

Case Study Videos

Demonstrate the true value of your products and services through detailed, intrinsic case study video scripts!

Here’s What We Focus On

We have a knack for great video scripts, be it for business pitches, case studies or testimonials!


Clear Message



Call To Action

Tone and Voice


Key Messages and USP

Visual Ideas

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Specialized Video Scripts For Demanding Platforms

Don’t settle for generalized video scripts! Our experts are equipped with specialist skills in the most demanding video platforms!

Social Media

Social Media

Tailored to a specific Social Media Platform and audience, our scripts are destined to increase reach and engagement for you!

Video Sharing Platforms

Video Sharing Platforms

Attract new viewers and subscribers on Video Sharing Platforms like Vimeo & Tiktok through visually appealing and engaging video scripts!



Build relationships with potential customers and engage in fruitful networking in Forums with our insightful video scripts!



Supercharge your brand’s user experience with well scripted and polished video scripts for different websites!

E Learning Platforms

E Learning Platforms

We can prepare highly engaging and interactive video scripts for Elearning Platforms like Udemy & Coursera.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

We create the most interactive and informative corporate training video scripts that help train your employees effectively!



We write the most engaging, enjoyable and effective advertising video scripts for our clients!

Why You Need Professional Video Scripts

Videos can be a very powerful medium for your brand or personal expressions, but only when they are well-written and purposeful. We like to listen to our Client’s demands and do extensive research to begin with. With great determination and insight, we are then able to deliver the most engaging, visually appealing, and effective video scripts that are clearly attuned to our clients’ desired audience! Don’t wait if you’re looking for results!

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Here’s How To Get Started

Don’t worry, it’s easy as cake to get started! Just follow these few simple steps!

We listen to the client’s brief
Idea Filtering
Initial Draft
Final Draft
Client Feedback
Final Delivery

Why Hire Marketorr For Video Script Writing Services?

Marketorr is a team of specialized video script writers who have a keen passion in creating captivating and engaging content for our clients. We understand that each individual and business is unique, which is why we tailor our scripts to your personalized goals and needs! 

Captivating Scripts

Our Video Scripts are highly captivating and will engage your audience from the beginning till the end!

Custom Tailored

Every video script is custom tailored to fit your business organization’s needs and to resonate with your target audience!

Versatile Video Scripts

We are highly adaptable and have a huge team of specialist video script writers ready to take on any projects!

Extensive Research

All our video scripts are the products of extensive research and data analysis, making sure they are highly effective!

Engage Viewers On A Deeper Level

Our video scripts are designed to stir emotions amongst your audience and lets you connect to your audience on a deeper level!

Script Post Delivery Support

We are willing to work with your video production team to ensure that the scripted video is an absolute success!

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