How Do Motion Graphics Influence Audience to Take Buying Decision?

Strategic marketing isn’t enough. You need to do something unique to make the customers pay attention to your product or service.

So, why are consumers attracted to some items and ignore others?

It all comes down to the visuals. If you use attractive visuals to demonstrate the products and present your service, it will greatly impact the customers. Around 92% of the audience will check out your carefully crafted demonstration using motion graphics. So, yes, your extra effort will pay off!

Motion graphics are the future of catching attention. Today, motion graphics play a vital role in presenting brand perception and increasing customer engagement. The more they focus on a particular brand, the more they are inclined to make a purchase. 

Why Do People Love and Engage with Videos?

A picture, or rather a video, speaks a thousand words than mere spoken words itself. Any visual with vibrant graphics and audio can communicate emotionally and easily. So, we can use motion graphics to convey messages, no matter how complex they are, and quickly grasp the target audience’s attention. 

  1. Quick Impact: Visuals speak volumes instantly, conveying information and emotions without lengthy explanations.
  2. Memory Boost: Our brains remember visual content more vividly and for a longer duration, making images a powerful tool for retention.
  3. Emotional Bond: Visuals create a connection by tapping into emotions, eliciting joy, sadness, excitement, or inspiring action with compelling images.
  4. Global Appeal: Visuals break language barriers, delivering messages to a diverse audience worldwide without requiring translation.
  5. Attention Magnet: Visuals can grab attention quickly, even with countless brand marketing, making them invaluable for marketers and advertisers in capturing audience interest.

Motion Graphics: Complex Information to Life

Since motion graphics make complex ideas exciting and easily understandable, brands can use them to leverage their purpose and services, thus educating about products and generating interest faster than other methods. 

Besides, motion graphics are highly beneficial in other ways:

  1. No need for a production crew or actors
  2. One-person production is sufficient
  3. Time-efficient and cost-effective
  4. Endless creative possibilities
  5. Higher ROI due to cost-effectiveness and increased engagement
  6. Substantial potential in digital marketing

Reasons Why Businesses Are Focusing on Motion Graphics 

Let’s dive into more reasons why businesses are relying on the power of motion graphics for marketing campaigns. 

  1. Aesthetic Allure: Visually appealing products or services leave a positive impression, influencing preferences.
  2. Trust Builder: High-quality visuals convey professionalism, establishing trust in the brand and the quality of its offerings.
  3. Value Showcase: Using visuals, brands can effectively communicate a product or service’s value, using explainer videos, infographics, and images to highlight features and benefits for informed decision-making.
  4. Emotional Appeal: Emotionally charged visuals can evoke desires and aspirations, influencing consumer desires.
  5. Social Validation: Visuals, such as user-generated content and reviews with images, serve as social proof, reinforcing potential buyers’ confidence in their decision.
  6. Augmented Reality (AR): By bridging online and offline shopping, AR technology allows customers to visualize products in their own space before purchasing.
  7. Visual Search: Advanced search engines process images, enabling users to search for products using pictures instead of traditional keywords.

Business Animation for Sales and Marketing

Business animation includes all animated content for businesses to improve marketing goals like reaching more people, keeping them interested, being creative, and increasing sales. These videos are designed to connect with the target audience creatively, boosting sales without the hassle of managing actors or big teams. 

Such an animation is easy to reuse, engaging audiences of all areas and turning them into paying customers. As motion graphics or animations for businesses have countless customization options, these are attractive to convert leads easily.

Areas Where Motion Graphics Can Imply Powerful Impact

Mainly, companies use motion graphics to create animated explain videos, product demos, commercials, or social media advertising videos. So, the best ways to publish motion graphics include:

  1. Social Media Magic: Opt for square or vertical ratios in motion graphics for social media. Aim for concise 10-15 second short-form videos to capture attention.
  2. Explainer Excellence: Craft explainer videos with a duration of 60 to 90 seconds, concluding with a clear and actionable call-to-action (CTA) for effectiveness.
  3. Promo Power: Create compelling promo videos with a short narrative. Keep it within 30 to 60 seconds to maintain audience engagement.
  4. Ad Brilliance: Motion graphic ads can span 30 seconds to 3 minutes, but the crucial message can be conveyed within the first 10 seconds, especially for social media impact.

Use Cases of Motion Graphics Animation

So, how can various companies make the best out of motion graphics animations? Check it out!

Corporate Motion Graphics:

Ideal for producing engaging motion graphic videos for corporate purposes, such as company overviews, annual reports, and training materials with captivating captions. 

Video Advertising:

A crucial element in creative advertising campaigns and overall marketing strategy. Motion graphics are a powerful tool for creating memorable and persuasive advertising content.

Educational Content and E-Learning:

Enhances educational materials and e-learning modules by simplifying complex concepts. Motion graphics make learning more interactive and understandable.

Social Media Content:

Using motion graphics, you can create countless engaging content for various social media platforms, effectively increasing engagement and visual appeal within the public community.

Event and Presentation Enhancement:

Adds eye-catching elements to live events, webinars, and presentations, elevating the visual experience and making presentations more engaging.

How is Online Trending with Animation Recently?

Business animations and motion graphics are evolving every hour and creating hype everywhere. So, keeping updated with the latest design trends and understanding unique perceptions is necessary. 

Some trending animations in the market today are:

Animated Logo:

Logo with added motion graphics to reflect company values and goals.

Fake 3D Animations:

Simulates three-dimensional effects.

Isometric Animation:

Two-dimensional animation in a three-dimensional style using strategic camera angles.

Cyberpunk Web Animation:

Integrates glowing graphics with futuristic elements in a low-light environment.

Mixed Media Animation:

This is created by merging two or more animation styles, such as live footage and other animated assets. 

Storytelling with Animation:

A sequence of narration of the concept to influence the quick decision-making of the audience.    

Hover Effects:

Web assets are connected with mouse tracking for engaging hover effects.

Top Online Tools for Motion Graphics and Animations

Motion graphics are the perfect weapon if businesses want their marketing campaigns to succeed with satisfying leads. But they also need modern tools that can create content worth using to have that powerful impact on the audience. These tools can also keep users updated about current trends to incorporate into their content. 

Find out the best software from our handpicked list for your brand to get started with your animation journey!

  • Adobe Animate
  • Cinema 4D
  • Blackmagic Design Fusion
  • Animaker 
  • Adobe Premier Pro


1. To what extent does branding with motion graphics impact buying behavior?

Consumers are more drawn to brands they know and if they are showcasing products or services using visual aids. Those who are more social and connected with their peers on platforms like Facebook are influenced by their friends’ choices. They will be especially drawn to brands that use animations or motion graphics. So, frequent branding with effective strategies will have a lasting impression on consumers’ minds to make the correct choice.

2. Why is visual appeal important for influencing purchases?

Visuals through motion graphics, animations, or simple infographics can communicate better with the audience in the mass media. These have the quality to persuade customers with their stunning outlook. Unique graphics and colors, in particular, are compelling for persuasive communication.

3. How does product graphics aid in attracting customers?

The way a product is presented can have a significant impact on the target customer. If presented with visuals, this will contribute directly to the customer’s willingness to purchase. The effect will be more substantial if the brand can connect emotionally.

Final Words

No matter what the product is, you need to sell it. You need a good story to influence the target customers, and motion graphics are your ultimate tool to make it happen. They can get all the necessary information, and learn better about a product or service easily through motion graphics. It saves time and increases revenue. So, if you are up for successful branding, invest well in motion graphics.

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