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Dusty Vision

‘Dusty Vision’ — our latest innovation in home improvement essentials. We’ve transformed the mundane task of storing toilet paper into an art form with our drawer-style toilet paper holder. Steering away from the conventional lid-style, our design introduces efficiency with a dash of elegance. The symbol we crafted is not just a logo; it’s the embodiment of the brand — a ‘D’ for Dusty merged with a visual cue of an open drawer, representing the product’s core functionality. Our design philosophy was to create something modern, eye-catching, and utterly distinctive. Dusty Vision stands out not only for its convenience but as a statement piece in any bathroom. It’s not just about holding toilet paper; it’s about enhancing the entire room’s aesthetic. Join us as we elevate the unspoken corners of home interiors with Dusty Vision’s debut in the market.

Dusty Vision Brand Logo Design in 3D


Jason Macky


Logo, Packaging & Visual Identity Design


05 February 2022



Dusty Vision Brand Tone
Logo Spacing measurement
logo interpretation
Billboard and Visiting card presentation
Logo Color Palliate
logo typo and uses
Thanks you card design for amazon
Logo Presentation
Creative way to displaying logo
Packaging Design
Brand imagery
Mobile Apps onboarding screen mockup

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