Case Study: All City Duct Cleaning's Strategic Facebook Ad Campaigns

Paid Ads Case Study: All City Duct Cleaning’s Strategic Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Company Overview

AllCityDuctCleaning offers specialized duct and vent cleaning services for homes and businesses, aiming to improve indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency. They provides insights into their cleaning processes, service details, pricing, and customer testimonials, alongside a straightforward booking system for scheduling services.


All City Duct Cleaning (ACDC) is a leading service provider in the duct and vent cleaning industry in the 7 different states of the United States. They recognized the need to enhance their digital presence and leveraged Facebook’s robust advertising platform to target potential customers across the country. This case study encapsulates the strategies employed by ACDC from January 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023, focusing on crafting and executing effective Facebook ad campaigns to drive messaging conversions and sales.

Messaging Conversion
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Highlighted Outcomes

Marketorr strategic ad campaigns yielded significant results:

  1. A total investment of $19397 in Facebook ads.
  2. Generated 1379 messages with potential customers.
  3. An average conversion rate of 60.37%.
  4. The average order value increased from $270 to $450, indicating a successful shift towards attracting customers with higher purchasing power.
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Marketorr figured it out ACDC faced a highly competitive market, with numerous players offering similar services. We identified several challenges. 


Customer Acquisition: Effectively reaching potential customers who are not only interested in duct cleaning services but are also willing to engage in conversations.

Brand Awareness: Elevating ACDC’s brand recognition amidst the crowded market.

Conversion Rates: Ensuring ad engagement translates into a high conversion rate for messaging and sales.

Targeting Precision: Accurately targeting diverse customer groups, from bargain hunters to those seeking premium services for larger homes.

Highlighted works for case

Creative Content

Right Audience Targeting

Micro Level Optimization

Fast Message Response

Solution: Strategic Campaign Implementation

To address these challenges, Marketorr implemented a multi-faceted Facebook ad campaign strategy:

Phase 1: Awareness

The initial phase involved raising brand awareness. Single campaign ads focused on broad messaging, introducing ACDC to a wide audience. The aim was to plant the seed of brand recognition.

Phase 2: Engagement

Through videos, carousels, and static creatives, ACDC engaged potential customers with compelling offers. These ad sets were more targeted, aimed at users who had demonstrated an interest in duct cleaning services or who had a history of purchasing premium home care solutions.

Phase 3: Conversion

The final phase was all about driving sales. ACDC used refined targeting strategies, including lookalike audiences, to reach individuals who were in the market for their services. They offered clear calls-to-action, encouraging direct messaging to capitalize on user interest.

  • Manual and Automated Placement: ACDC utilized manual placements to ensure that ads appeared in specific areas of the Facebook platform, while also experimenting with Facebook’s Advantage+ Placements to optimize reach and engagement.
  • Dynamic Targeting: The campaigns targeted users based on their likelihood to purchase services with offers, preference for quality service, search for specific cleaning kits, and home size.

Marketorr has been a fantastic partner for our Facebook marketing efforts at All City Duct Cleaning. Their ads are spot-on, capturing our brand voice and connecting with the audience. Their team is responsive and genuinely invested in our success, making all the difference. Big thumbs up!


Overcoming the Challenges

Precision Targeting: ACDC’s ad campaigns successfully reached different user groups by employing detailed targeting criteria and tailoring messages to each segment’s unique interests and needs.

Creative Content: With a mix of static images, engaging videos, and carousel ads, ACDC maintained a fresh and compelling narrative, educating potential customers about the importance of duct cleaning and the company’s value proposition.

Messaging Conversions: By optimizing the ad content and placement for conversations, ACDC witnessed an impressive conversion rate, highlighting the campaign’s success in driving potential leads to take action.


Marketorr’s thoughtful approach to Facebook advertising not only spread awareness but also enticed meaningful engagement and significant conversion growth.

This case study demonstrates that with the right strategy, even industries as traditional as cleaning services can make a sweeping impact through targeted online advertising. ACDC’s Facebook campaigns are a testament to the power of social media marketing when combined with clear objectives, creative content, and precise targeting.

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