2100% Organic Traffic Increase, Jute Goods Manufacturer | B2B SEO Case Study

2100% Organic Traffic Increase, Jute Goods Manufacturer | B2B SEO Case Study

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Company Overview

Imperial Jute is the Leading Jute Goods Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter that helps businesses stand worldwide with the best quality, eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable jute goods including Sacks, Fabric, Yarn, Rope, Jute Tape and Others. Their dedicated and experienced team has the capability to reach on time by fulfilling any needs.

The Case Study Results

Organic Traffic Increase
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Generated Sales
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Results In Details

Traffic and Engagement: 

According to Google Analytics, Last 6 Month Imperial Jute Organic Traffic Report

Google Analytics Organic Traffic Imperial Jute last 6 month
  • Before and After Results

Check Out where Marketorr has started, Google Search Console Data.

Google Search Console Report
  • Rebranding & Website UI Improvement

Marketorr Take the challenge to make it a newly fresh look for better user engagement.



Imperial Jute, a renowned name in the jute manufacturing sector, faced significant digital challenges. Their website, targeting a global audience, struggled with low traffic (20-30 monthly visits), limited engagement, and minimal online inquiries. With poor keyword visibility and an unengaging user interface, the need for a comprehensive SEO overhaul was clear.


Our primary goals

Revamp the website UI for better user experience.

Significantly boost organic traffic.

Improve keyword rankings and user engagement.

Optimize the site to increase business inquiries.

Strategy and Execution

We embarked on a robust SEO campaign, focusing on:

In-depth Keyword Research:  Targeting industry-specific terms like “jute bags Ghana” and “jute manufacturer in Bangladesh”.

Content Strategy: Implementing topical authority and semantic content creation.

Website Redesign: Enhancing UI and optimizing CTAs.

On-Page and Technical SEO: Improving site structure and performance.

Marketorr's notable achievement lies in our ability to secure improved rankings for Imperial Jute without relying on a backlink strategy. This success stands as a powerful endorsement of our content-first methodology..


Learnings and Future Directions:

The project underscored the power of quality content and user-centric SEO practices. Our future focus includes building a multi-language platform to cater to diverse global markets.


Through a strategic collaboration with Marketorr, Imperial Jute experienced a significant transformation in their online presence and audience reach. This partnership led to substantial improvements in Imperial Jute’s website traffic and engagement, particularly in their target markets. The results not only met but surpassed Imperial Jute’s initial expectations, showcasing the profound impact of a well-executed SEO strategy. This case study serves as a testament to the power of SEO in enhancing organic traffic, boosting conversion rates, and solidifying a brand’s standing in the competitive jute manufacturing industry.

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