$431,967 Sales Case Study: SEO and Sales Growth for a B2B Service Provider in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

$431,967 Sales, SEO Case Study: Organic Growth for a Commercial Cleaning Industry


A B2B service provider in the commercial cleaning industry, targeting the U.S. market, faced challenges with low website traffic and poor online visibility. The project focused on enhancing SEO, website organic growth, and sales.

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The primary goals were to increase website sales, improve organic traffic and keyword rankings, and optimize user engagement and direct purchases.

Strategy and Implementation:

The strategy encompassed comprehensive keyword research, content mapping, on-page and technical SEO optimizations, and developing a robust content strategy focusing on topical authority without relying on backlinks.


Sales Growth: Gross sales reached $431,967 with an average monthly sale of $6,447.

SEO Performance: There was a noticeable improvement in keyword rankings, with a major focus on top service keywords.

Traffic Increase: The number of users rose significantly, particularly from the U.S. and Canada, with a total user of 12k in 2023.

Technical Improvements: Significant advancements were made in technical SEO and website speed optimization.

Sales Data (2019-2023)

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According to Google Analytics Report : 1st January 2023 to 23 November 2023

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marketing seo services screenshot

Last Year Google Analytics Report: 1st January 2022 to 31 December 2022

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uae marketing screenshot

Highlighted works for case

Website Audit & Action Plan

Customer Driven Keyword Research

Restructure & Content Development

Complete Optimization

In the competitive landscape of the commercial cleaning industry, our strategic SEO approach proved transformative. By prioritizing advanced keyword research, user-centric content, and technical optimizations, we shifted from minimal digital visibility to industry leadership. This journey highlights the formidable power of innovative SEO and quality content in driving significant increases in traffic, engagement, and sales, remarkably achieved without relying on backlinks.

Challenges and Solutions:

Key challenges included maintaining consistent keyword rankings and adapting the website based on user data. Solutions involved extensive content publication, leveraging AI and automation tools for content strategy, and a strong emphasis on high-quality, user-centric content.


The client experienced substantial growth in online visibility, traffic, and sales, attributed to a focused SEO strategy and high-quality content, proving that a well-planned SEO approach can lead to significant business advancements in a competitive industry.

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